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About | Lucirmás | Sustainable glass products which tell a story


“We need to consider things not just for what they are, but for what they could become”
- Edward De Bono
In Lucirmás we have boundless energy to change the world!
Lucirmás designs and produces sustainable glass products which tell a story.
We make original, handcrafted objects from 100% recycled glass, offering
the quality of a beautiful, artisan product.

Lucirmás’ mission is to create products which make the most of the charm, value and versatility of recycled glass. Our products are elegant, simple and functional.

At Lucirmás we take seriously our efforts to reduce our enviromental impact. For this reason, we choose to use recycled glass as our prime material, we reduce the use of pollutants and use recyclable/responsible packaging.
Our products are designed and handmade in Barcelona, Spain.

Check out the ‘making of’ section to see how our products are made!

Our responsible design approach:

  • only uses recycled materials
  • reduces waste
  • maximizes use of our prime materials
  • ensures our products are durable and live a long life
  • reduces production processes and hence, uses less energy during creation
  • creates useful, functional products which aim to create an
    emotional link with you, the user.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.