As you may already know, this friday is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that has become very popular due to its aggressive discounts and queues to get the best prices and bargains for Christmas presents. In my behalf, I am not much in favor of consumerism and I think that we should have to think twice before throwing out some things we have to buy new ones, as you can see in my upcycling posts.

But I do also know that we all have to buy Christmas presents and this discounts are a great opportunity for those who cannot afford expensive ones.

greenfriday blackfriday lucirmas

This is the reason why, this year, I have joined the Greenfriday initiative. Green is the new black! Do you want to know why? Keep reading:

Greenfriday, the responsible and ecofriendly response to Blackfriday

Greenfriday is an initiative that started last year thanks to El Hervidero de Ideas -in English Ideas Hot Spring- That is a marketing agency specialized in eco friendly businesses. Their goal was that, in a day as Blackfriday, in which the main news are if Amazon, Mediamarkt or Inditex have unbeatable discounts and longer queues, to divert attention to these small ecofriendly businesses that invite you to shop in a responsible and thoughtful way.

blackfriday greenfriday lucirmas

Only last year, more than 200 brands joined the initiative and #GreenFriday appeared in more than 60 different media in Spain like ElPaís, El Confidencial, 20 minutos, Elle magazine…

Thanks to Greenfriday, lots of people could discover new brands, products and services that maybe, given other circumstances, they would have never known. I have discovered some brands myself and now I love them!

blackfriday greenfriday lucirmas

The thing is that, apart from the ecofriendly perspective that it is basic for me in any item I buy, now that we are thinking about Christmas presents, why don’t we choose different gifts? Instead of the usual ones, que can choose others that are unique and show our loved ones that we have not only bought them for their prices but for their value. Beyond the present that we will make to our friends, relatives and specially our children, we would be making a very important present: the one that implies conscience and responsibility when shopping.

This year, I’ve decided to join the #GreenFriday making a 20% off that I am going to offer from today until Sunday. If you want to take advantage of it, you only have to buy one of my creations and, when you add it to the cart, you have to insert the code “GREENFRIDAY” in the section where “Coupon code” appears. Then click on “Apply coupon”. If you have in mind buying something on Black Friday, I encourage you to take a look at Hervidero de Ideas’ blog to check the participating brands.

greenfriday blackfriday lucirmás

Another thing: if you go out on Friday decided to buy something but you do not have in mind a specific item, try to stop in the little shops on your neighborhood or city that you had never checked: I assure you will get surprised!

I support #Greenfriday, and you?

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