¿How do we do it? Upcycling!

Our products are totally hand made, designed and manufactured in our workshop. Our work is based on Upcycling, where through a series of manipulated and using traditional methods of manufacture, we transform glass bottles into durable and functional objects.

Why what we do is important

Re-use is a valid response! Do you know that, inside the recycling business, as glass colors must be separated, a great amount of bottles end up in pavement production instead being converted into new glass products?

In Lucirmás we care a lot about the environmental impact of our production. This is how we are committed to the environment:

– we only use recycled materials
– we maximize the use of our raw materials, reusing parts for other designs
– we use a sustainable packaging system that takes up less space, so we reduce C02 emissions produced in transport
– we ensure that our products are long-lasting and set for living a long life
– we reduce the production process by using techniques that imply a reduction in energy waste
– we create useful and practical products with the purpose of creating an emotional bond with you, the user

Low environmental impact = High emotional impact

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