I firmly believe that you can develop love for some materials and objects. I find that we throw away lots of items without even thinking how much has cost to create it -effort and resources- and which is the story behind it: that’s why upcycling was born. In some way, we try to pay homage to these little materials and objects that we use everyday, that although we do not think of them, they bring implicit memories, sensations and characteristics that make them deserve a better destiny than a dump.

Lucirmás and mi passion for glass upcycling

In my case, mi work is completely dedicated to recycled glass. I find this material fascinating, because its resistance, how it reflects the light and its malleability make it exceptional. And, do you know what happens with almost all the glass we recycle? It becomes silicon to pave roads. And there are so many things you can do from a glass bottle!

One of my goals through this project is to make people aware that we have to start giving value everything that surrounds us. How? For example, beyond giving glass bottles a new life, I try to create and emotional connection with the people who acquires my products. If we think about a glass bottle, how many unforgettable moments have you lived sharing a glass of wine or a bottle of beer among friends, with your partner or your family? By giving a new life to this bottles, in a certain way I try to make you live again these special moments and that you think that, more than the green dumpster, there are more possibilities to find them a new use. The design that I have that maybe has the deepest story of all is Dama Lamp, a design lamp that I have created with Tom Allen from Demijohns, with which I pretend to pay homage to the traditional houses and kitchens, where the demijohns used to be: our mothers and grandmas usually used them to store oil, water, vinegar, wine… There aren’t as many as they used to!

Elvis&Kresse: rescuing great value objects

To see in a more evident way why there are objects that deserve a second chance, I think that the example of Elvis&Kreese is perfect. Instead of recycling or upcycling, they talk about directly about rescuing objects and materials that had a key function before becoming into waste.

Their project began in 2005, when they found lots of fire-hoses that, after 25 years of use, were destined for landfill: how as possible that, these fire-hoses, that had saved thousands of lives and had fight uncountable fires, that were made of such noble and resistant materials, were going to end that way? So, they decided to rescue them and they have created luxury accessories: bags, belts, purses, wallets… They are so beautiful! Moreover, the 50% of their benefits goes directly to the Fire Fighters Charity, as a way to return the favor for donating this wonderful material. Since they started, they have not stopped: now they work parachute silk, printing blankets, leather pieces, coffee and tea sacks and more!

Upcycling: a way to go back from the industrial to the craft and artisan work

Another of the aspects I try to encourage from Lucirmás and as person in general is to be surrounded by things with soul. We live in a society so used to the industrial items, manufactured in series, that we do not have any attachments to them. And it is a shame, because it is really wonderful when one gets surrounded by items that bring good memories and evoke pleasant sensations: is a way to feel peace, to feel protected in your environment and in harmony with what is around you. And what is better than upcycling to transform these industrial objects in objects with soul? The techniques, the care and the love that the artisans imprint in any of their products, proportionate a uniqueness to their future creation. But, even more, the materials that they use to create have already a story to tell, the effect multiplies!

Lastly, I want to show you another two benefits of upcycling that add to the previous ones that I have shared with you in my october and november posts:

5- It feeds our emotional bond with objects: today, we cannot stop buying things, throwing them away and buying new ones, relegating objects to an anticipated death that, most of the times, has no reason to be. I think emotions have to take control of our life again.

6- It is a way to preserve the wisdom that comes with artisanal creation.

I hope that this series of articles about upcycling that I have been publishing these weeks have been of use for you to discover new possibilities for those objects that you have around and that will help you to think twice what can you do with an object or material before throwing it away. Now that Christmas is around the corner, if you put some creativity on it, you can come up with an amazing idea of a present for your loved ones!

Finally, I want to remind you that the 15th December will be the last day to order Christmas orders so, If you have in mind a special gift, take a look now at my online store!

See you soon,

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