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Table lamp made with glass and beech wood. Perfect for highlighting and filling up with light the corners of your house.

Measurements: H: 35 cm Ø 16.5 cm. Cable Length: 1.5 m.
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Dama Lamp is a table lamp, designed by Australian Tom Allen (vinculo a http://www.tomallendesign.com) and handmade with materials “upcycled” certified recycled and environmentally sustainable.

Dama Lamp was born from re-using suggestive 5 liter jugs that convey the charm of the old and expert Italian chefs cooking delicious dishes.

Beechwood is certified PEFC (Programme for Support of Forest Certification); Each piece is made entirely by hand, in Barcelona, by local artisans, with a special care to any detail. Moreover the lamp includes a  low-energy bulb Plumen 001 (duration: 8 years) and easy-to-clean, or to replace the bulb it is possible to remove the screen using the original handle of the jug.

It is perfect as a table lamp for different spaces. The appeal of Dama Lamp won ‘t go unnoticed in your home.

Technical data

Designer: Nutcreatives
Recycled Glass, Beech Wood (certified PEFC). Cable: Textile-Coated
Color: Natural Wood. Transparent Glass. Cable: Black.
Measurements: H: 35 cm Ø 16.5 cm. Cable Length: 1.5 m.
Weight: 3.5 kg
Comment: Includes Plumen 001 low energy lightbulb. Switch on cable.
Tecnical information: E27 socket. EU plug.
Cleaning: Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Take care of the wood base with natural wax

Technical: Cut, Sandblasting, Polish
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Table lamp

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