Facing the shipping of fragile items, clients’ concerns may be: will it arrive safely? Won’t it shatter during the transport? As in Lucirmás we are glass designers, a safe packaging is essential to us. We work with a fragile material and we are shipping products every day, so we take a special care over it. Of course, when we designed our packaging, we had it very clear: we were also interested in making resistant items and packaging, in order to prevent them from any damage on the way.

Besides, when we designed our packaging, it was clear to us that it had to be safe and sustainable at the same time. That is why we got rid of the typical bubble wrap, choosing effective and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Before shipping: Thermal Tempering of Products

Lucirmás’s philosophy is to create long lasting and functional products that can bear the everyday use. How did we get this? By means of the thermal tempering technique. The object is heated below its softening point and then cooled down quickly. This way, the tension in the glass is redistributed and the object gets more resistant than before, so it does not break that easily.

During Shipping: the Secret of a Safe and Sustainable Packaging

As for packaging, Lucirmás’ motto is “less is more”. Why? Because our safe packaging is expressly designed to protect and occupy the minimum volume. This way, the smaller the wrapping, the less contamination of the planet is produced, because we can send several parcels within the same shipping. Below, we are going to tell you some secrets on how to achieve a safe and sustainable packaging:

1. Disassembled Pieces

In the event of a multiple-pieces item, we always ship it with all its pieces disassembled. This allows to arrange them in the box in the best possible way, so that they are close enough and do not move during the transport. This let us to occupy less space and put more parcels into the same van. The result: less pollution.

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2. Resistant and Sustainable Packaging

All our products are firstly wrapped up in tissue paper and, if necessary, they are protected with a cardboard mesh, which has the same function as bubble wrap but it is made with a sustainable material. Then, depending on the product, they are put in a very resistant cardboard box or tube.
Lastly, both boxes and cardboard protective packaging must be sustainable and/or recyclable; that is why they are not painted, nor show any trademark. Our aim is that you can reuse them doing a little upcycling at home, too.

sustainable safe packaging lucirmás1

Besides, inside the boxes or tubes, you will find a stamped and hand-signed thank-you card, which contains some tips on how to take care of our products.

If you buy a Lucirmás item, there is nothing to worry about: it is a resistant piece, conscientiously packaged with a safe packaging, and it will be delivered in perfect conditions. Besides, we can guarantee you that both the product and the packaging process have been made using sustainable criteria towards the environment.

Likewise, if for any reason you receive a damaged product, just send us a picture; we are going to replace it.

Did you have got your eye on a Lucirmás product and are you thinking about ordering it? Then you are in luck: free shipping for all domestic orders ins Spain until Dec 14th. What are you waiting for?

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