Airplant pot/Candleholder


Epifitas has been conceived as a candleholder or a pot for airplants but, as it such a versatile piece, we encourage you to boost your creativity to find new purposes for it!

Measurements: H: 25 cm Ø 7 cm
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This is a unique creation handmade designed by Lucirmas + RanAnaDisseny in a collaborative project that has been going on for some months. The wood has been recovered in an eco-friendly way in the little village of Tiana (Catalonia) where we both live.

The cypress wood for this creation comes from an incredible garden decoration that was used for an event. It is pretty common for decorative elements used at events to end forgotten or thrown away but, in this particular case, the decorator gave this wood to RanAnaDisseny so she could transform it into something new.

RanAnaDisseny, through a 100% handmade process, cutted it, sanded it, brushed it and oiled it until she got a bright and smooth finish. With one hour of work (aprox.) a decorative branch was transformed into a beautiful base for my glass creations.

The glass piece comes from a surplus I had from a glasses order I made for Estrella Damm I stored this glass cones in my workshop for months I couldn’t get rid of them! Finally, I found a new use for them

My proposal for you is to use them as candleholder or as an airplant pot, but this creation is so versatile that, if you let your imagination run free, you sure find a new purpose for it!

Airplants, also known as epiphytes, grow outside the ground and their roots are exposed to air and water This kind of plants are usually found in tree trunks and they do not need soil to live.

Airplant not included.

Technical data sheet

Designer: Lucia Bruni, RAna Ortiz Massó
recycled glass and cypress wood
Color: brown glass
Measurements: H: 25 cm Ø 7 cm
Weight: 200g
Cleaning: The different parts of Epifitas can be separated. The glass piece is dishwasher safe. For a proper maintenance of the wood base, we recommend you to use beeswax.

Technical: Cut, polish, heat polishing
Shot Glass Techniques


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Airplant pot/Candleholder

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