The emblem of Lucirmas’s products is: they are much more than objects, because they tell a story.

For this, we feel a special affection towards them. For example, Sept, 4th was the third anniversary of the launch of our Dama Lamp, and we thought the best way to celebrate this amazing glass lamp was this post about it.

Dama Lamp: a Glass Lamp which Mixes Design, Sustainability and Tradition

Dama Lamp is a glass lamp conceived to be used as a table lamp, though you can put it on the ground to brighten the empty corners of your house. It is made of three parts, and each of them is made bearing only one thing in mind: sustainability.

First, there is the wooden piece, manufactured with beech wood by a Barcelonian craftsman, Javier. We chose him because we just love to collaborate with local artesans and share with them the adventure of creating our products. Besides, the wood used by Javier to make the Dama Lamp bases is PEFC certified; it guarantees a responsible managment of woods, in order to make them survive for future generations.


Then, we have the Plumen light bulb, a valuable example of how an energy-saving light bulb (it can last for 8 years approximately) can become a fine object. Last but not least, the glass part is made with 5-liters jars, the typical ones used in Itally to store water, wine or vinegar, for example. Our idea was trying to transmit the cosy and intimate atmosphere of an Italian kitchen, where a granmother is preparing a recipe for her family with all her love.

what is upcycling

A Sustainable Vocation

Dama Lamp was designed by Tom Allen for Lucirmás. We both share a sustainable vocation and from the first moment it was crystal clear that the glass used for this lamp had to be a recycled one. Moreover, as we already mentioned in other occasions, at Lucirmás we try to do our best in order to make the production process, the packaging and the shipping as much sustainable as possible, always using recyclable products and trying to put our items in the smallest possible package.

The Charm of an Handcrafted Piece

This glass lamp is therefore an entirely handcrafted piece, cut and sanded manually. Each one has got a serial number: by means of it we try to transmit the uniqueness of our product and the affection we put in its creation. The light released by Dama Lamp is clear and intense and it will brighten every space, giving a transparent coolness to your rooms.

Launch in 2012

Dama Lamp was exposed for the first time at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012. Afterwards it was launched onto the market becoming one of our leading products, and we are delighted with it.

Finally, below we put the making-of video so that you can see with your own eyes the work of all the people that take part in the creation of the lamp, from the research of the raw materials until the refined final result.

Making of “Dama” by Lucirmás from Lucirmás on Vimeo.

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