Wedding gifts are a tradition that is getting lost as time passes but that it is not bat to recover, especially if you have a special bond with the couple or if you consider that the bank transfer lacks romanticism. If you are looking for original wedding gifts, today we are going to give you some ideas about what you can choose:

Original wedding gift ideas: better gifts with soul

Nowadays, two things happen with wedding gifts: first, that the couples have already live together for some time and have absolutely everything, so the blender trick does not work anymore. Apart from that, we all want to make a gift that would be for their future life in common, useful but beautiful, that means something for the couple. How can we achieve that?

Craft creations: products made with love that leave a mark

A good manner to surprise a couple is with a gift that has been handmade. This way, you are not only giving the couple something unique, but an object made with love, that tells a story. It is ideal to gift to a couple that have decided to spend the rest of their lives together, don’t you think?

Botanic-Lucirmás Handmade designer tray original wedding gifts

Look for something with essence in line with their home a and personality

If you are looking for a decor item, there are many options you can choose. As we were saying, they will have for sure all the basics, as curtains, plates etc. But, if it is a couple that has lived together only for a few years, there are some details that for sure they haven’t finished yet or some specific items they do not still have. If you know them enough, you can choose something as a lamp, a piece of furniture or a painting.

frozen designer glasses original wedding gift

Designer products, always a good choice

If you want to play safe, designer items to use in familiar or friend gatherings are a great idea and, above all, their mothers have not for sure take into account. Some elegant and modern glasses to give to your guests, a designer tray to serve this appetizer, there are many options! Precisely, I’ve just launched three new glass sets that maybe interest you:

In these new sets, I wanted to play with colours and textures. Musk, for example, are glasses connected with  nature, perfect for eco-friendly couples who like to spend their time in the countryside.
musk lucirmas original wedding gift glasses

Frozen, by contrast, are a designer glasses that play with the cold optical effect, and sound ideal to pour any drink now that the warm weather arrives (it would gave the impression of being even more cold). Perfecto for those who have elegant and cosmopolitan friends. Finally, Chatos are beautiful, versatile and funny glasses, that would suit perfectly with a young and practical couple who loves to have casual gatherings with friends.

chatos designer glasses original wedding gift ideas

For the foodies, maybe a tray or container in which they can serve their recipes would be always a wise choice. My tray Botanic, with its sinuous forms, will highlight their culinary creations. Also, Spoon is a very convenient and different option to serve these little appetizer bites that would surprise their guests.

As you can see, there are a thousand options in which concerns original wedding gifts. If you have some weddings on the horizon and you want to surprise the couple, you bet for them!

See you soon!


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