Today I want to tell you about Lagom, the art of providing harmony to all the aspects of your life, from a healthy and more natural diet to a home that radiates elegance and serenity.

Lagom is a Swedish concept that hasn’t got translation: it means something like “the right amount is best”; not much, not less, simply Lagom.

LAGOM swedish concept the right amount is best

A Lagom attitude consist in having a more balanced life, more responsible with yourself and all that surrounds you: it is a concept that implies elegance and conscience. This does not mean necessarily that we have to deprive ourselves of everything, but to take wise decisions both for us and for nature.

“Lagom des not encourage us to redesign our homes in a drastic way. After all, it would be not realistic and expensive. What it does want is for us is to ask ourselves sincerely which is the reason to preserve a specific object or piece of furniture, taking into account that they are occupying a space”, explains Lola A. Åkerström in Lagom, The Swedish Secret of Living Well. She invites us to create order and happiness corners in the space we live in. To mix the old and the new. The Lagom’s principle of sustainability encourages us to give a second chance to the objects through upcycling, even to get second hand items whenever is possible.

lagom concepto sueco la medida justa es lo mejor

The Lagom philosophy choses neutral colors to create an space that we can customize playing with textile accessories and lively designs. Also it bets for personal objects that have a powerful meaning for us to amplify the feeling of coziness in our home. Lagom goes for the use of raw materials such as wood, metal or glass, among others. Is a lifestyle which takes conscience of the importance of reducing the energetic waste and water, that recycles, that does not like excess, that tries to reduce the environmental impact. All is focused on living in a eco-sustainable way without changing completely our way of life, but applying little tricks.

What Lagom is inviting us to create is a warm atmosphere at home that transmits harmony and happiness following the principle of “less is more”, inviting us to concentrate more in the experience that in material possessions. This produces us a pleasant feeling of freedom.

As for me, I encourage you to look at your home with fresh eyes and to analyze for a moment your furniture and decorative objects thinking: what does this object make me feel? Do I really need this? If not, how can I take advantage of it to provide my home with the harmony and balance that I want?

I hope that, now that spring is already here, this post gets you inspired to rethink about your home’s decoration and also about your life to make you feel free and in harmony with your environment. I am already putting Lagom in practice at home and at the workshop. I will soon show you the result!

See you around,

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