Some of us, in a certain point of our lifes, have kept a glass bottle as a reminder of a experience. That is because normally, a bottle of wine implies a moment shared with another person: a special dinner, a wine or beer that you tasted for the first time and you loved it, a unique trip or a regular day that became into a date to remember. But, as with all, a moment comes in which this element, if it wants to continue in our life, has to evolve. If not, it will end in a drawer or in the garbage. Mi mission: to prevent that!

How to transform a bottle into a durable object

As I already told you in the Kintsugi post, the backgrounds of the material I use are really important to me: I think that, if we have a object at home with which we have a bond, we would take care of it and would conserve it better. Nowadays, in our society we are used to buy things, throw them away and replace them, condemning these objects to an anticipate death that, most of the times, it is not deserved. We tend to disregard so much this objects that we do not mind to throw practically everything out. But it is not nicer, cheaper and even romantic to know that you are going to have an object forever because it is functional, beautiful and, moreover, it has become part of your life?

Recently, I received a very special request: Josep Roca, one of the Roca brothers, want me to create an decanter upcycling a Louis Roderer Champagne bottle that was considered a treasure in his family. It was a huge responsibility, but the process was absolutely precious. The result: an elegant and customized object that they could use and conserve for years.

transform a bottle into a decanter

This is one of the reasons because I like so much my work: I am able to transform glass bottles into durable, elegant and functional objects. Would not you like that, instead of throwing away this bottle that reminds you great times, it got transformed in a wonderful element to decorate your home?

Another great example is a client, a vermouth lover, who brought me some bottles of Miró Vermouth (his favourite brand) that I upcycled into glasses with prints on it and also a tray:

transform a bottle into a glass and tray

Apart from the customized requests, in my own designs I always try to incorporate and transmit a little about the story of the bottles and, because of that, I look for bottles that have a significance for me. A good example is the ones I use to create La Flor Lamp, that are Txacolí bottles, a wine whose history I particularly love (you can discover it in this post) or the Dama Lamp bottles, that are damajuanas (great glass bottles with 5 liters capacity) and pay homage to ancient people and the traditional cooks all over Italy, who are the ones who use it the most.

Lastly, we cannot forget the sustainable factor. When we reuse a glass bottle and we transform it into another object, it is not only that we are recycling, but also we are not throwing it into the garbage, which always helps to preserve Nature. Also, you do not buy another object to replace it, so you prevent the pollution derived of the manufacturing and delivering process to create and buy this new object, specially if we are talking about an object produced in a big factory.

If you have a bottle at home that is significant for you but you do not know how to do with it, start looking at it in another way and think how you can upcycle it: if you need some ideas, I can help you!

PS: By the way, talking about ideas: I just got a new request: a client has sent me Jagërmaister bottles because she loves it and she wants me to make a customized object with them. What would come out this time? Be in the loop and I will tell you. Let’s upcycle!

transform a jagermaster bottle into

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