In Lucirmás, as you know, we promote the sustainable design. That’s it: before reading, one thing has to be clear: sustainable design has not only to do with the material of the end piece which is created, but includes the whole process, both the creation and the distribution of the product. To show you an example of sustainable design in practice, we will explain you how it’s  the process of creating products in Lucirmás:

Sustainable design: not only is it the final product

Implementing sustainable design takes much more to use biodegradable materials or upcycling practice; a process of sustainable design involves thinking at each stage,which can optimize or change to pollute less, reduce energy costs or resources or planning how we are creating the product can be reused or recycled in case of breakageor wear.

It is, ultimately, to reduce our ecological footprint, an interesting concept that becomes the indicator or measure of how much environmental impact are the actions that we carry out, either in everyday life or in our professional environment. To show you an example of this concept, here’s a very interesting for you to calculate your ecological home footprint.

sustainable design

Case study of sustainable design: what we do at Lucirmás

In Lucirmás, as you already may see, the base material we use to create our products are recycled glass bottles. One of the techniques we use to shape our products is the cold cut, which is done with a diamond blade saw which requires constantly be dropping water jet cutting blade to cool the piece we want to cut glass. How do we make this process sustainable? Well, for example, all machines that perform this function are connected to a cistern system of continuous cycle that causes the falling water is used over and over again, thus reducing water consumption and contributing to a lower expenditure of resources .

Another aspect level workshop is how we handle the remains of glass bottles that We don’t use: all residues are stored in cardboard boxes in order to use them for future designs that are always working. We never know when we will need it!

sustainable design

With our sander also we practice sustainable design: when this machine sanding is spent, it is reused to cut and create pieces of sandpaper to use into smaller pieces.

Sustainable Design: the packaging
packaging sustainable design

Once We have seen the product creation process, we’ll see how we apply sustainable design  to our packaging. We do following several assumptions:

-Take the smallest possible space: all disassembled parts are shipped to the end user so they take less space and, thus, easier to transport, thereby reducing emissions of fuel. The installation instructions also come in recycled paper.

-Reusable-Box: our packaging is very basic. It is plain cardboard box and unpainted, designed so that then can reuse it.

-The material Protector is  sustainable too: instead of using the classic bubble wrap in Lucirmás we opted for other materials resistant but also paper- based created to be biodegradable.

-awareness For end users: all our products, plus installation instructions are accompanied by a small brochure that explained our philosophy and we encourage the end customer to use it responsibly.

You see, sustainable design is much more than what you see in the product, it is to think of every detail!

Do you know more cases of sustainable design? Tell us!

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