Today, there are many people who, as they observe the slightest manufacturing defect in a product, they consider it ugly and dump it immediately. But nevertheless, in Japan there is an ancient Philosophy that, rather than underestimate, gives a special value to the faulty objects: Wabi Sabi philosophy.

What is wabi sabi philosophy?

Wabi Sabi philosophy is set in imperfection and simplicity of objects and living beings which we find in nature, inviting us to accept and appreciate things as they are in their natural state.

There is also some of loneliness and melancholy within the meaning of  Wabi Sabi philosophy: it also evokes the convinction that nothing last forever, which brings it to a delicate vision of loneliness and sadness. Anyway, being Wabi Sabi such an ambiguous concept, it can lead to a variety of interpretations.

Wabi Sabi philoshophy can be seen as the appreciation of beauty in simple, traditional and imperfect things that remind us nature. It also makes us think that objects with certain imperfections are precisely more special than the ones who do not. An old object with a mark or which does not follow aesthetic conventions, tells a story and makes us aware of its transition of life: so hence it get certain charm.

wabi sabi philosophy linterna fluid

The wabi sabi philosophy implemented to Lucirmás

In Lucirmás, as Wabi Sabi philosophy preaches, we think the pieces are not perfect and the ones who have certain asymmetries, tell us that there is a person behind them that invested love and effort in its development.

Furthermore, these imperfections make the products unique and, therefore, exclusive to the person who buy them.

Our commitment to an honest, simple design and the fact of working with recycled glass also allude to the Wabi Sabi philosophy, in which the objects of nature change as part of life and shows us the surprising warmth to be found in, what a priori, is as functional and simple as a glass bottle element.

Our creations are not always the same: for example, we have a product, Lantern Fluid, which is done by cutting the base of the bottles and putting them in the glass furnace with a fixed temperature. You can not completely control the outcome of this process, as each piece changes shape differently and, as we work with recycled glass, we do not knows 100% of its composition, so the result is something unpredictable. The glass, like other natural processes, tends to find its own way when it melts.

We, rather than dump these pieces, we think they are beautiful in their own  and we consider them as a part of the charm of Lucirmás and as well as our dedication to sustainable design.

In fact, this product comes in a pack of 3 units for our customers to see how each piece is unique.

wabi sabi philosophy 2 linterna Fluid

If you are interested in learning more about the Wabi Sabi philosophy and specifically with regard to art, we recommend  you to take a look at this book: WABI-SABI for artists, designers, poets and philosophers, Leonard Koren.

What do you think about wabi sabi philosophy? Did you apply it in your life? Tell us about it!

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