As you may know, every time I have the chance, I try to innovate and create new products and, in this occasion, I’ve decided to launch a limited edition of two of my Star creations: LaFlor Lamp and Dama Lamp. Here I explain you the news about both of them:

LaFlor Lamp Limited edition: LaFlor Lamp Dark Turquoise

For LaFlor Lamp, this fabulous creation designed for Nutcreatives exclusively for Lucirmás, I have been many time wondering how I could improve the design making it completely sustainable and, at the same time, making it look flashy aesthetically speaking, and I think I have accomplished it with the bottle I have used to create LaFlor Lamp Dark Turquoise. As I was saying, this edition stands out because it is completely sustainable and it shows the beauty of the true color of this bottle, that has only been polished with the sandblast technique to give it a natural finish. The bottle employed in this case is new and also belongs to a limited edition from the renowned German winery Heymann-Löwenstein, that launched this precious dark turquoise bottle (that’s why this is its name) to break with the tradition.

The result is a beautiful lamp with a particular light and colors that make it modern but functional and timeless at the same time, whose naturalness eclipses and proportionates a zenith lighting that its ideal to illuminate multiple spaces like a kitchen, a living room or a restaurant dining room, for example.

limited edition laflor lamp

Limited edition of Dama Lamp: Dama Lamp Diamond

For this limited edition, the main change is the use of a new Damajuana bottle (5L bottle) whose main characteristic is that it has some stripe forms around its neck and, when turned on, creates a beautiful, optical effect with the light that seems a lot to a diamond. The Damajuana design is more antique, which gives to this new design a vintage touch.

limited edition laFlor Lamp

As I tend to do with all my creations, both limited editions are conceived to be long lasting. They are functional and timeless, so they will fit with your decoration although you change it. During its creation process, I have used techniques to ensure the glass is resistant and, also, they include energy-efficient light bulbs that are designed to last for many years. For example, Dama Lamp includes a Plumen 001 lightbulb, that has a lifespan of eight years. The original Dama Lamp was designed by the Australian designer Tom Allen exclusively for Lucirmas.

limited edition dama lamp

Regarding the sustainable matter that, as you know, is one of my main concerns, I’ve achieved that both products are completely recyclable and easy to assemble and disassemble, because I have not used any glue. In both designs, as I did with the originals, I have used certified pieces made by local craftsmen that use low-impact and traditional techniques.

Both editions will be available until stock lasts. I have only many left so, if you like them, be fast to order!

I will come soon with more news. See you!

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