As you know, in Lucirmás we are 100% eco-conscious. And, regarding to that matter, we want to talk to you about being sustainable in our daily life and turn green our habits. Today, we present you the Slowfood movement and how can you practice Slowfood in your everyday with some little actions that do not require so much effort. Here we tell you how:

Why practicing slowfood?

Slowfood is a movement that surged in Italy in contraposition to the big opening of the first fast food franchise in this country. It was created by people who cared about their local products and wanted to educate their children on how to have a proper diet.

practice slowfood everyday

Slowfood not only aims to eat ecologic food; it is a philosophy. It is not also to eat a good product, but eating it calmly, tasting every flavour and enjoying eating as the fantastic experience it is. Also, in Slowfood the biodiversity is protected and promoted: if, for example, you go to a supermarket, you will only find one kind one kind of potatoes or two, when there are nearly 20 varieties of it or more; but they are disappearing due to globalisation. This cause a poor diet and that the flavours in the plates we cook are also losing touches that, sometimes, are which make a receipt special.

practice slowfood food diversity

The slowfood movement pretend to educate us and encourage us to eat as varied, fresh and good as possible and, to be honest, that it is relatively easy: we only have to be a little bit more careful selecting our meals and restaurants and being also more conscious of what implies to eat and prepare meals with local and good products. Also, in Slowfood, regional products are so important: they are not only delicious, but also part of our culture and, because of that, we have to preserve and promote them, also between ourselves.

Buy diversity, buy local!

Here is a challenge: try not to go to the supermarket to buy anything that can be provided in a local market: fruit, vegetables, meat and legumes, for example. You will find that there are endless possibilities and also that it is easier to cook it and also, much more tasty!

practice slowfood everyday

Restaurants Km 0. Look for them in your city!

The Km0 restaurants are those which have local produced products or from cities near them. This way, the products are not only tastier and healthier for the diner but fairer to the producers, that support local businesses and also contaminate less, because they need less transport to be brought to the restaurant. Maybe you are thinking that, for being Km0, the restaurant is expensive, but not necessarily, because there is no intermediaries and, because of that, costs are cheaper. In Spain, famous cooks as Ángel León, The Roca Brothers, Yayo Daporta or Josean Merino promote this tipe of cuisine.

practice slowfood km0 restaurant

Why not trying to be a home-gardener?

One good way of having fresh products and putting in practice the Slowfood philosophy is to try to grow them yourself. We know that it depends on the house you have but, for example, it is so easy to have a flower pot with some aromatic plants in it as parsley or coriander. This way, anytime you need some in your recipes, you have it the nearest and the freshest possible!

practice slowfood home gardening

As you can see, putting in practice Slowfood is not that complicated. Stop fast food, now it is the time for Slow!

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