Valentine’s Day is coming and it is probable that you are already looking for a precious gift for your beloved one. How about if this year, instead of clichés and expensive items, you choose a green, meaningful gift to demonstrate your partner how deep your compromise is with him or her and also with nature? Today, from Lucirmás, we want to give you some Valentine’s Day eco-friendly gift ideas:

Green Valentine’s Day gift ideas to give a eco friendly surprise

1. Flowers: go local or better, gift plants!

Flowers are one of the most typical gifts for Valentine’s Day. With their huge variety, there are great different emotions that can be expressed through a flower bouquet. But, unfortunately, despite the flowers are natural, most of them are brought directly from Africa or Latin America, which implies extensive farming and pollution transport costs. If you are going to buy flowers, go to a local shop, so you’ll be supporting a little entrepreneur, helping your neighbours and, of course, being more sustainable. But, if your partner loves flowers, why not give him or her a plant? A plant is a living being that will last much loger than a flower and also represents a compromise, because the person who receives it has to take care of it everyday and, isn’t that a beautiful reminder of what you have to do with your relationship?

green valentine's day gifts 2 plants

2. Personalised gift: cheaper and meaningful

If you are the one who prefers to gift something unique to your partner, the more customized, the better. That is why, if you have some time, you can create a personalised album, homemade piece of furniture or work of art inspired by the moments you have spent together. This will be very much well received than the usual gift, because all the illusion and time you have put to do it it’s what counts.

valentine's day eco friendly gifts

3. What about an unforgettable green experience?

It is said that, what we remember the most as time goes by is the good experiences we have lived in the company of the people we love. So, instead an object, why don’t you gift an eco-friendly experience? The possibilities are endless: they go from having a picnic with organic food in a precious and natural spot to run a marathon! No, it’s not a joke. In Verona, a special Valentine’s Day Marathon will take place on Valentine’s Day inspired on the famous “Romeo and Juliet”. In Barcelona, there will be also a marathon (But not related to Saint Valentine’s Day) so, if you want an original experience, run for love!

green san valentine gifts eco friendly

4. Gift objects which tell a story

One wonderful idea to gift someone is giving something not only with a functional or aesthetic purpose, but something that represents a meaningful feeling or connection with your soulmate. Vintage clothing and jewelry could be an option. Another suggestion could be an upcycled product which used to have one mission and, instead of being thrown away, was used to create a new object, as we do in Lucirmás. In this way, a jar, candle holder or a pair of earrings have a story that continues with both of us and, of course, an upcycled artisan product is an eco-friendly way of surprising her or him!

earrings green valentine's day gift

We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and, remember, there are always green alternatives for your eco-conscious dear one!

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