Christmas is a time of year I really love: the family together, coming back home, the traditional recipes… Like every year, I’m going to spend these special days with my family in Italy, that it’s something I am always looking forward to. But, at the same time, I’ve always loved the christmas preparations and one part of myself wants to live this Christmas spirit here in Barcelona, where I live, with a Christmas decoration in my style. So, I’ve decided to do an exercise: recreating a little representation of that would be my Christmas table. Very important: it is completely eco-friendly! Do you want to know how I’ve made it? Keep reading:

Eco friendly Christmas decoration ideas in harmony with nature

To create this Christmas decoration, I had a clear idea in mind from the beginning: with all the Christmas elements we could find in Nature, why buying artificial and expensive ones? The precious forest I have near from home was the final inspiration to do it. So all the family went on a little trip to find some elements that we liked and later, at home, we would give them the shape we’d like for our Christmas centrepieces. Great, isn’t it?

In the forest and, to be the more respectful possible with nature, that is basic: we took lichens, breaches, cones and barks that were already on the ground not to harm any living being and not to leave our mark. It was a magical moment! We came back home with a basket full of nice things.

eco-friendly christmas decoration

What I liked the most about these decorations, apart from being completely natural, is the fact of being made by ourselves and that remind me of the family moment we shared making them -it is what Christmas is about, isn’t it?-. Other than these forest inspired ornaments, we created more at home doing upcycling, as some original candles we made reusing the remains of some old candles and using jam jars as a container and we also have reused some items we had at home.

detalle (1)

This way, I’ve created a beautiful, eco friendly and unique decoration in which I have not spent practically any money and, moreover, it’s been made with love and soul. just what I always try to transmit with my creations!

In my table, the glass is the subject and, of course, I have used some of my creations, as Botanic, my new tray.

eco friendly christmas ornaments

As you can see, creating your own eco friendly Christmas decoration is very simple and you can also share very good moments with your beloved ones making them.

What do you think about my Christmas decoration? I hope you get inspired to decorate your own home! You only have to go to your nearest forest, park or garden, and there will be lots of possibilities!

By the way, merry Christmas and, as they say in my country, Buon Natale!