As I told you in my previous post about upcyling, one of the ways to carry out this creative process is to look at the object with fresh eyes and to think about new possible uses for it. Today, taking into account that is Halloween and that we use lots of candles to decorate our houses, I want to share with you a practical and creative exercise I have done with one of my designs: the Linterna Fluid candleholder.

Linterna Fluid is a candleholder made of recycled glass through cutting and fusion techniques. It has three different parts made from different bottles that play with matte and brilliant finishings. This is a very versatile product itself, because it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and its different colours allow to combine them in all kind of ambiences.

Linterna fluid’s upcycling 2.0.: new possible uses for Linterna Fluid

One of the manners Linterna fluid may be used is gastronomic: you can employ it as a little bowl to put your favorite snacks for family or friends gatherings at home or for you to enjoy while you are having a drink with your partner or friends: you can put in olives, nuts, little chocolates.. Whatever you want!

reuse halloween creative ideas

Another possible use for gastronomic purposes would be as an elegant and unique container for your sauces to put on the side of your plates.

The second of the uses is functional: how if you use it as a container to put your earrings or rings when you are going momentaneously to take a shower or you go to bed? While it is not used, it would decorate your nightstand or a dresser.

creative reuse halloween ideas

Lastly, we could use Linterna Fluid as a incense cone burner to fill your house with a calm ambiente and nice smell.

creative reuse ideas incense burner

As we already said, upcycling is a creative way of recycling that aims to transform the object soon-to-be recycled giving it a new identity but, at the same time, showing what was this object before being recycled. Upcycling has endless possibilities: it only depends on the creativity from who is looking the object. Do you have a new use for Linterna Fluid? Have you done this exercise with an object at home? Tell me about it!

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