Although we don’t want to do it, we are always creating waste, and that applies everywhere. It is important to reduce waste at home but, what about the workplace? Sometimes, because it is a functional place and we do not care about it, we forget to adapt the office to our needs and that implies lots of waste. Since I installed myself in the Lucirmás workshop, I decided to reduce waste as much as possible. So, today, from my experience, here I present you some alternatives and tips to reduce waste in your workplace:

1. Coffee lover, get a regular coffee machine!

I can’t help it: two or three coffee cups a day are practically the usual that works for me. This is why I decided to use a regular Italian coffee machine instead a capsule coffee machine. Capsules are both made of aluminium and plastic and, at least in Spain, cannot be recycled, so they go directly to the garbage dump and become very contaminant. In Hamburg, for example, the government has forbidden capsule coffee machines to reduce waste and pollution.

reduce waste in your workplace coffee machine

2. Recycle in your office

The fact that you only have a basket near your desk does not necessarily means that you cannot recycle at your workspace: some places already have different trash bins to recycle and, if not, you can propose the measure. In my case, I have all kinds of trash bins to recycle (glass, paper, plastic, organic…). I work with recycled material, and it couldn’t be any other way! Moreover, the obligation to go to the concrete trash bin to throw away the waste is the perfect excuse to stand up from your desk, walk and put some distance between you and the computer: that will be ideal for you to clear your mind, walk a little bit and exercise, so it will be also positive for your health if you work eight hours seated. Apart from this, if I have to print anything, I always use the other part of the sheet to take notes, drawings or whatever I need.

reduce waste in your workplace recycle

3. Some plants will give a cheerful ambience to your workspace

Yes, I know it is not a tip to reduce waste but, likewise, plants refresh the ambience, don’t they? I have lots of plants in my workshop and that makes me feel in touch with nature. Also, green colour items (specially a living one) always give a nice touch and instinctively at sight, it is like we perceive some fresh air.

reduce waste in your workplace plants

4. Add energy-saving systems and unplug everything that can be unplugged once you leave

All the light bulbs I use in my workshop are energy-efficient ones. If they are not your cup of tea or you need more light, use LEDs, that are a fantastic alternative to halogens. Also, once I leave, I unplug the router, the machines that keep in Stand-by mode once I turn them off (as my computer) etc. Apart from saving energy, I am also preventing any problems that may cause an electric overload in my absence.

5. Have sustainable items on your desk office

Almost every desk item we use every day is made of plastic: pens, scissors, mouse, markers, ruler… I suggest you one thing: what about creating your desk office set to hold all this desktop items upcycling objects that you do not use anymore? For example, a soda can, a mug… If you want something more fancy, you can always choose a sustainable option: this is Handy, a dekstop set entirely made of natural materials – glass and cork – to organize your workspace in an eco-sustainable way.

Handy reduce waste in your workplace

Each element of glass is handmade by upcycling bottles of liquor; an invitation to use the objects in a more respectful and sensitive manner.

reduce waste in your office

As you can see, reducing waste and being sustainable in your workplace it’s piece of cake. If you are going to spend at least 1/4 of your day in your workspace, represents a considerable time wasting enough to take measures about it, don’t you think? Lastly, your eco-friendly habits sure will be a good role model for some workmates and, if only one follows you, it’d have worth the effort!


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