Lucirmás just loves to collaborate with other projects who share its sustainable philosophy and eco-design. For this reason, when Petz Scholtus from Yök, sustainable apartments in Barcelona located a few metres from Plaza Urquinaona, contacted our workshop to commit us one of our LaFlor Lamp (co-designed with Nutcreatives), we were just delighted with the idea.

An Hotel? Nope! Sustainable apartments connected with Barcelona

At the opposite end of the mass tourism and the overwhelming hotel offers in Barcelona surrendered to the highest bidder, Yok Casa + Cultura is an ecologic and modern lodging, which offers a different experience and banks on the concept that another tourism is possible: a sustainable one, in other words that kind of tourism that comes to enjoy Barcelona, yet without affecting its residents’ lifestyle.

yok-casa-cultura-sustainable apartments in barcelona

Modernist Building, Sustainable Interiors and Passion for Local Craft work

All the three apartments of this sustainable lodging are in a bright 20th-century Modernist building. The owners tried to decorate it following the precepts of Catalan Modernism accurately: high ceilings, mosaic floors, engraved window glasses… As for the furniture, they followed eco-design guidelines and they chose every piece accurately, keeping in mind that they had to be sustainable and also made by local craftsmen (as much as possible). They also added water-saving and power efficiency devices.

Another significant aspect of Yök Casa + Cultura is the will of strengthening Barcelona’s culture and identity. For this, their breakfast is prepared with typical natural local products from Catalan gastronomy. Moreover, they arrange events on their roof terrace, both for tourists and Barcelona inhabitants.

Petz Scholtus and Mari Rodríguez Marañís, the two creators of this project, believe that they are not only offering apartments but also a house with its own identity, where they can offer their personal experience, making their guests feel unique. They show them the local Barcelona, that town that is not present on travel guides and which is adored by those who have been living here for a few years or were born here, like us.

yok sustainable apartments in barcelona + laflor lamp lucirmás

LaFlor Lamp in Yök Casa + Cultura

LaFlor Lamp we designed for Yök Casa + Cultura is a special order, because for this occasion we dispensed with the paint, creating a matte adornment with a sand stream in order to make the product still more sustainable.
When we went to deliver the lamp, we had the chance to have a tea with Petz: as soon we saw the space, we thought that it is perhaps the best room ever for one of our creations! You be the judge:

Yök sustainable apartments in barcelona lucirmás laflor lamp

laflor lamp lucirmas in yok sustainable apartments barcelona

Yök, like Lucirmás, embraces the co-creation of experiences and for this, if a customer is enchanted with some piece of furniture or products, he can buy them (our LaFlor Lamp, too) and encouraging the small local business network at the same time.

Lucirmás wishes you all the best for this project; we hope it can be the beginning of the big transformation of Barcelona into a completely sustainable town.

Do you know any other sustainable apartments in Barcelona? Tell us!

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