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Welcome to Lucirmás!

Lucirmás is one of the first European brands specializing in up-cycling of glass bottles. Founded in 2006 by the Italian designer and craftswoman Lucia Bruni and the photographer Massimo Boldrin. Lucirmás is both a designer brand, a studio, a workshop and a creative atelier.

In our workshop in Barcelona (Spain) we create unique pieces in 100% recycled glass and we offer a good quality of an handmade product with a fair and lasting design. We design and manufacture products from sustainable glass which have and tell a story.

We aim to create contemporary objects reflect the most charm, value and versatility of recycled glass; and we do this taking care about the quality with all detail.

Simple and elegant, functional and amazing, these are our products.

Lucirmás Sustainable Glass Design from Lucirmás on Vimeo.

We also care the environmental impact of our production.
In this way, we are committed to the environment:

– Using only recycled materials
– Reducing waste
– Maximizing the use of our raw materials
– Using a system of recyclable packaging.
– Ensuring that our products are durable and destined to live a long life
– Reducing the step of the process and, therefore, consuming less energy during the elaboration
– We create useful and handy products that aim to create an emotional bond with you, the user


“I love those pieces of my collection that awake the fantasy of the user. You buy a Lucirmás object and, suddenly, you realize you can use it in two or three different ways. Almost a “upcycling” squared”!

Lucia Bruni (founder of Lucirmás)


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