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Lucirmás is a sustainable design studio/workshop specializing in glass, where contemporary designs are brought to life keeping in mind responsible use. Made without rush, with love and great care.

In our workshop in Barcelona we work to offer you objects with an honest and durable design, 100% made with recycled glass which shines with the quality of a handmade product. Every object that we reuse has its own past, its story, and we take care of it to transform it into an important part of your life.

Our mission is to highlight the abandoned glass, to lengthen its lifespan by turning it into an object in harmony with your sensibility. Maybe you are already aware of this but, behind a useless bottle, there is a great potential!

Why what we do is important

Re-use is a valid response! Do you know that, inside the recycling business, as glass colours must be separated, a great amount of bottles end up in pavement production instead being converted into new glass products?

In Lucirmás we care a lot about the environmental impact of our production. This is how we are committed to the environment:

– we only use recycled materials
– we maximize the use of our raw materials, reusing parts for other designs
– we use a sustainable packaging system that takes up less space, so we reduce C02 emissions produced in transport
– we ensure that our products are long-lasting and set for living a long life
– we reduce the production process by using techniques that imply a reduction in energy waste
– we create useful and practical products with the purpose of creating an emotional bond with you, the user


Low environmental impact = High emotional impact

About Lucia Bruni (Founder of Lucirmás)

The person behind the Lucirmás project and its creative force is me, Lucia.

Italian from birth, I received a degree in Fine Arts and, ten years ago, I decided to change my life and come to Barcelona to develop my professional career. Since the first moment, I was charmed by this precious town where the Mediterranean sea, the wind and the sky merge into an incredible blue color.

My parents are both biologists; my brothers and I were raised to respect nature and were brought up in a eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle- which has become one of the bases of my work and my personal life.

My passion for handmade work is a continuation of this philosophy of life- something I have always had inside me since I was a child- and, for the last 25 years, I have been developing and improving my skills in this field of expertise.

That is how my passion for glass started

My specialization in glass did not start by chance: it was because of my final project in a Master´s I attended at the UPC (2006) that I fell in love with this material; amongst its qualities, what I liked the most was the fact that glass is infinitely recyclable. My thesis was called: “Beyond a glass bottle”. I received the highest mark for this and was nominated for the Adifad Medal Award in Barcelona. Lots of things have happened since that day in October in which I presented my thesis: at that point, I did not have all the knowledge about design and glass that I have now, and I didn´t even have my own workshop- I had to rent space in my friend´s workshop by the hour.

In Barcelona I have developed techniques and knowledge, and also I was trained in Product Design in Elisava School of Design and Glass Manipulation in The Glass Centre Foundation of Barcelona.

For me, the birth of Lucirmás was a big revelation and a huge step in my personal growth. It is a professional project I am tremendously proud of.

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