6 glasses set


Unique set of glasses made with from the original Vichy Catalan bottle that have adquired sinous and delicate shape soft to the touch. Ideal for every ocassion.

Measurements: H: 8 cm Ø 7 cm
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The Softvichy glasses are a creation made from Vichy Catalan water bottles. This carbonic water is very popular in Catalonia because it is a natural sparkling mineral water.

Trough hot and cold manipulation, the glasses have adopted a winding shape that makes them more adaptable to the hands. The bottle process, that has a matt finishing, gets as a result soft and delicate glasses to the touch.

Every glass is a handmade creation that transforms it in a unique and different piece; it also provides humanity to the iconic original bottle, that has become manufactured through an industrial process. The Lucirmas logo is on a side.

Technical data sheet

Designer: Lucia Bruni
Recycled Glass
Color: Transparent
Measurements: H: 8 cm Ø 7 cm
Weight: 400 g
Cleaning: Dishwasher safe

Technical: Fusing, Cut, Polish, Sandblasting



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6 glasses set

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