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Making of

Making of Dama

Designed and handmade locally in Barcelona, our products go through a number of phases in order to turn recycled glass bottles into beautiful, durable and functional creations.
Each product description shows various logos which explain how the product was made:Cutting – by using a wet diamond blade circular saw, we are able to get a clean and precise cut.

Hand polishing – sanding by hand or with our belt sander allows us to smoothen edges and get a perfect finish.

Fusing – this means our products have been heated slowly until reaching the melting point and later cooled at an even slower rate until reaching room temperature. This allows us to create new forms or fuse different pieces together.
Thermal tempering – we heat the glass to its annealing point and then quickly cool our products to relieve the internal stresses and increase resistance to mechanical shocks. This is critical to our products’ durability, meaning that Lucirmás products withstand daily use at home or in busy restaurants and cafes.

Sandblasting – as the name suggests, sand is literally blasted at the product. This allows us to created frosted glass finishes and personalised decoration (such as company logos).

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