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green and red combination greenery pantone

Greenery, the Pantone colour for 2017: we show you how to combine it

Pantone has already a verdict: this 2017, the green colour called “Greenery” will be the trend. From Lucirmás, we are very happy about it for some reasons: green is one of the most present colours in our creations and, the reason because this colour has been chosen it is closely related to Lucirmás philosophy. In […]

mesa navidad01

Eco friendly Christmas decoration ideas in harmony with nature

Christmas is a time of year I really love: the family together, coming back home, the traditional recipes… Like every year, I’m going to spend these special days with my family in Italy, that it’s something I am always looking forward to. But, at the same time, I’ve always loved the christmas preparations and one part […]

Portada post

Eco-friendly disposable tableware alternatives: check them out!

Since I published the Living without Plastic and ZeroWasteHome interview, I do nothing but wondering how we lightly use non-biodegradable materials as disposable ones, as with the plastic, that takes 400 years to disintegrate, not to mention the fact that eating in plastic plates it is not very healthy -specially if we heat them-. (more…)

LAFlor turq part2

Lauch LaFlor Lamp and Dama Lamp Limited edition

As you may know, every time I have the chance, I try to innovate and create new products and, in this occasion, I’ve decided to launch a limited edition of two of my Star creations: LaFlor Lamp and Dama Lamp. Here I explain you the news about both of them: LaFlor Lamp Limited edition: LaFlor […]

vidrio rotos

Catalan modernism, one of the greatests influences for Lucirmás

Barcelona is a city that fascinated me since the very first moment: the beauty of its sky and sea and its architectural buildings left a print on me that was decisive for the Lucirmás project, as I show you on my “About us page”. What really caught my attention from the beginning was the Catalan […]